Dear Reader,

Once upon a time, there was a king who was in love with a bird. This bird was the most majestic among all the lands, with colourful feathers, big strong wings, and who sang a lovely song every time she flew. He would always go out to the balcony to watch the bird fly.

But this bird was also very shy, and would only reveal herself in flying around the castle once a day every morning. She was also impulsive, and sometimes would decide to fly very early in the morning, or very late in the morning.

Now in this kingdom, mornings were long. Hence, the king would always have to estimate on time. Waking up too early and it would be too dark to watch the bird, waking up too late and he would miss the bird.  But still, every day he woke, taking a risk on time, and hoping to catch a glimpse of the bird. Sometimes he would see her, and sometimes he would miss her.

One day, the king was watching the bird fly (time was on his side!), when all of a sudden, the bird flew down to him! Astounded, he stared at her. The bird smiled at him and said, “My dear king, you have watched me fly for a very long time now, not once have you ever thought of catching me for your own, or attempt to seek out where I live. Instead you wait everyday, taking pleasure in the few minutes which you can see me fly across the lands, why?”

The king answered, “My beautiful bird, time is a great teacher. We must give him respect by sometimes letting him run his course, and knowing when to act when when he is finished. In doing so, we will learn his greatest lesson: Patience.”

The bird looked at him and said. “That, my king, is the correct answer. You have earned my trust, and for that, I will now fly to see you every morning, so you will not miss me. Your wisdom has earned you a reward.”

The king and the bird enjoyed each others company ever since.


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