The Power of MBTI

Dear Reader,

Firstly my sincere apologies in taking a longer blog break then I intended. I guess I pulled a GRRM and let my procrastination get in the way! Haha!

But oh boy do I have a topic which is nice for you today. It is: The Myers-Briggs Typology aka Best.Personality.Test.Ever.

So before I go into the details of why I think the test is GREAT (caps intended), please watch this 5 minute video below to get some idea on what I am talking about (if you don’t already know what the typology is about).

I can’t being to stress how useful this personality test is to me. But I can list down some of the reason why I think everyone should know their Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) type:

1. You know more about you – This test is excellent in knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and behaviour. Plus, trust me when I say that it is pretty accurate! Or it is if you’ve been answering the questions truthfully. The trick is to answer the questions as how you are NOW, instead of the choices you’d like to make.

2. You find your purpose – If youre someone who is wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life, or you’re in stuck-in-a-rut in your career, then PLEASE TAKE THE TEST. It shows you your career options based on your personality. Now I’m not saying that it can bring you straight to your life’s purpose, but it can give your life SOME purpose by learning about a job you’d possibly love.

3. You realise that you’re not a weirdo – For the longest time, I thought that I was a freak and a weirdo. I didn’t connect easily with people and my head always has so much thoughts that it feels like ww2 in there everyday. Worst is I looked at everyone around me and they seemed fine! So I went on thinking that I was not a normal human being. But then I took the test and realised that it’s my personality. I am an INFJ. Overthinking is like catnip for me. So yay! I’m not weird!

4. You realise that you’re not alone – I see so many social groups being set up online for each MBTI type, and it’s beautiful. It’s just filled with people sharing stories and relating to one another and its AMAZING. You know that feeling you get when you CONNECT with someone? Yeah. That.

5. You learn to love yourself – You’ll only love something which you accept and connect with, this sentiment is true even for yourself. I realised that like all personalities, I am unique. There is no shame in being who I am, and people who say otherwise just have different personalities, and that’s okay. But most of all, I just grow to appreciate that I am a complex human being with many internal influences, and so is everyone else. The thought really makes you appreciate yourself as an individual.

So that’s my thoughts on MBTI. The best online website which I’d recommend to take the personality test is this one.

Just one note on this though. Do not let the test define you, or think that everyone should accommodate to your personality. For instance, I am an introvert, I like my quiet time, but I don’t expect everyone to be quiet with me all the time. The test is not meant to separate you from the pack or to feed your ego, it’s to learn your strengths and to adapt to the situation. Do not be a slave to your personality.

I hope you know your MBTI Typology dear reader. Your unique person you! 🙂

Best Wishes,

The Writer


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