The Pebble

Dear Reader,

When I was 13 years old, my ‘Sunday School’ teacher gave me a pebble, along with everyone in my class.

She told us this “If you look at your pebble, it doesn’t look exactly the same as anyone else’s. This is because like the pebble, you are all unique in your own way, that is how God made you, and each of you must appreciate your uniqueness.”

I loved it. I loved that the idea of me being special and loving myself for it. And I loved that pebble.

I also lost that pebble the next day.

Now I am actually known by my closest to be a klutz, so to them, loosing that pebble was not a big deal.

Oh but it was to me.

I searched high and low for it: in my house, my bedroom, my parent’s car, my porch. NOTHING.

As you probably can tell dear reader, boy was I upset! It wasn’t so much of the physical pebble that I lost, it was its meaning. I felt like I lost a part of myself that proved to me that I was unique, and I really REALLY needed that proof right now (then). So anyways, after hours of search, I gave up looking for that pebble and went to sleep. I remember even crying about it. Yes I was very emotional.

The next day, I was getting into my parents car when guess what caught my eye?!? There it was, shiny as I remember it, lying on the grass by the roadside. THE PEBBLE.

Imagine how overjoyed I was. Funnily enough, I clearly remember searching that specific area there, but I didn’t see it then. Probably it was dark? Or was it? Anyways, the pebble is safe with me now, on my bed. I never lost it again.

Now the reason I am writing this story is because of the lessons learnt here. If something is meant to be yours, it will come back to you eventually. In the meanwhile, all you can do is not worry about it. Just like the pebble, what is lost will find its way back to you, if its meant to be. No need to rush. No need to fret. Just trust that with devine intervention, and the right timing you will get it, however slowly. This was a lesson that I had to learn when I was 13. And boy was it a damn good lesson.

Recently I’ve found myself being very restless, wanting to rush certain things in my life, like my career, relationships, and studies. It’s just me acting out of fear. But then suddenly my attention was drawn to the pebble on my bed and I realised that I needed to re-learn this lesson and perhaps take it down a notch. So that’s why I am going to do.

Thank you for reading this, dear reader. I hope this has helped you in some ways.


The Writer

PS: For those of you who do not know, ‘Sunday School’ is a term used by us to mean Catholic-Studies classes which happens every sunday (hence the name!).

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