I Have A Hobby

Dear Reader,

I have a hobby: I read Tarot Cards.

Yeap. The ones with images which can ‘tell your fortune’.

Over-time I have heard people around me constantly proclaiming that reading Tarot is wrong. That I’m a devil-worshipper, a witch, invoking evil spirits, and am not a good Christian. I was even told not to tell this fact to some of my ‘more religious’ family members or I’ll be ‘crucified’.

Here is an actual conversation that I’ve had with a colleague:

Colleague: Eh! I heard you read Tarot Cards!
Me: yeah…..
Colleague: WHAT!!! You should stop reading those things! They are evillllll!!!!!
Me: No….. they are not evil.
Colleague: Yes they are! How do you think they get their powers of prophesy from?
Me: ……. 

So there are many things which I do not know about the Tarot Cards. But after listening and reading to so many negativity surrounding this, I feel like I have a certain obligation towards this hobby of mine, to list the things that I DO know about the Tarot Cards:

  1. I know that Tarot Cards make for great conversation topics in parties. I’ve sure had many fun and light-hearted conversations with friends about the cards and their meaning.
  2. I know that Tarot Cards have beautiful art in them. If you closely look at one, you’ll see that a lot of hard work and effort was put into creating the image on the card.
  3. I know that Tarot Cards builds intuition and instinct. It allows one to dig deep inside ones thoughts and reflect in order to understand the meaning of the cards
  4. I know that Tarot Cards are a great help in finding closure. They are sort of like an amplifier of your subconscious and when you ask a question, they give you advice or predictions based on how your BEST self should be. That is empowering stuff!
  5. I know that Tarot Cards can be misused. One can be too engrossed into the cards and fall victim to just letting fate take its course, just because the card says so.
  6. I know that predicting the future is a tricky thing in the Tarot. I believe in the butterfly effect, in which life’s outcomes are determined by our actions. Hence, every future outcome is one of the many. One should not get caught up in outcomes, but enjoy life’s moment and think on how to improve it.
  7. I know that the cards is not demonic, satanic, spirit-invoking, or other descriptors that I’ve been told. Most people criticize what they do not understand, and hence label it bad just because of ignorance. In short, the cards get their powers from within us, not satan.
  8. I know that the cards meanings have smilarities to many spiritual teachings in Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam. They all advocate for moderation, harmony with human and nature, patience, justice, love.
  9. I know that one who attempts to make predictions are not very different from the prophets who could predict the future. The only difference is that the prophets were recorded in holy text and thus deemed spiritual, while predictions outside holy texts are deemed demonic.
  10. I know that one would do better to research more about the cards first and their origins, before making prejudiced remarks. In the end, it is used as a light-hearted activity, not to perform satanic rituals.

I might probably be wrong about all of this, but I am secure enough in my religion to know that no amount of tarot-reading is going to turn me away from God. There must be a balance between being an empowered, trusting-your-instincts Catholic, and surrendering to God when it gets too much.

So dear reader, if you’re one of those who is interested in tarot reading, my advice? Go ahead and have fun 🙂

Yours Sincerely,
The Writer



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