Instant Noodle

Dear Reader,

There was once a mother who was struggling with her daughters tantrums.

“I want that new phone.” said the girl.
“No, its too expensive.” said the mother
“But mommmm, everyone in school has it! And I’m stuck with this crappy old junk. I’m a laughing stock!” pleaded the girl.

The mother sighed and looked at her. “Come here.” she said. Her daughter came closer.

The mother gave her child a cup of instant noodle and said to her daughter, “Prepare this cup of instant noodle for me.”

The daughter, thinking that the request would get her the new phone, did as she was told.

The mother too was cooking for dinner. Today’s special was her very best: home-made chicken noodle soup. It was a family favourite.

After cooking, the mother went to set the table, and called upon her daughter to place her instant noodle next to the chicken noodle soup. She asked her daughter to try each of the two foods.

“Which one is better?” asked the mother.

The daughter said, “Of course your instant noodle is better mother, you know that I’ve always loved your cooking.”

The mother replied, “Yes my love, what I made took alot of time, energy, practice, failure, and love. If you are looking for things instantly, all you will get will be like that cup of instant noodle. Easy to acquire, but not the best you could have.”

The mother searched her daughter’s eyes and hoped that she understood.

Yours Sincerely,
The Writer.


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