Dear Reader,

There was once a girl who had a friend name Change.

She first met Change in kindergarten. He was quite intimidating and big, and she was scared at first. But then Change approached her jovially and asked if she’d like to go play with him in the playground, and she shyly said yes.

Since that moment, they became best friends. Change was crazy and fun, while she was shy and reserved, but they loved each other dearly. Every day was a different adventure with Change, and they both made a pact to stay best friends forever.

Change however, was not always around. Being also busy with daily activities, the girl couldn’t keep in touch with Change as much as she’d like to. However, they still talked once in a while, they were best friends after all.

As she grew older, the girl began to realize that as much as she loved Change, he had a wild spirit, and would come and go as he please. It was impossible to control him, and this irritated her.

When she was 20, Change revisited her after a long time apart. She was shocked as how big he’d got! With him also came the death of a dear family member, and it was too much for the girl to bear.

Angry and hurt, she yelled at Change:

Why do you always come uninvited! How dare you come without my permission? Why won’t you ever listen to me?

I wish that we had never been friends! I hate you!

And with that, she slammed the door at Change. He begged and pleaded to come in, to be her best friend once more, and that he was sorry. But she bolted the doors and shut the windows. From now on, there would be no room for Change in her life.

Days turned to months, and months turned to years.

As time passed, the girl’s life became boring, dull, and meaningless. Worst still, she was lonely and depressed. Why was she feeling like this? She thought to herself.

With a shocking revelation, she realized that she missed her best friend. Although Change was untamed and wild, he was also exciting and fun, and he gave her life meaning. In her fear and sadness, she mistakenly tried to avoid him, when she should have been embracing him. She realized that a life with Change, no matter how uncomfortable and scary it may seem at times, is better than a life without him.

With a contrite heart, she set on a quest to search for him. She looked for him in her new job, museums, events, parties, and social groups. This time, she knew that it was time to be brave in looking for Change.

Well the thing about Change is this: He’s always willing to be found.

When she finally found him (and it didn’t take very long!), they were both overjoyed to see each other again.

‘I’m sorry I yelled at you, can we be friends again? I promise to accept you as you are this time, the good and the bad’ she said.

Change smiled happily and told her that yes, they will always remain best friends. And so they did.

The girl learned a very valuable lesson, and was glad that she did.

Yours Sincerely,
The Writer.


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