Timing in Relationships

Dear Reader,

There will be a time in our relationship when we find ourselves in a ‘Right person, wrong time’ situation. You know, this is when you meet someone who is so right for you but somehow, circumstances or events just isn’t in your favour.

When this happens, we try to romanticise the pain by calling it ‘lost love’ or ‘the one that got away’. We even hope that time will again move in our favour and bring us back to our lost love. We wait, and wait, and wait for the person to change their mind, for circumstances to change, or for a second try. But what if time doesn’t budge?


Personally, I don’t believe in the ‘Right person, wrong time’ situation. What I believe is ‘If that is the right person, then it will be the right time’. I also believe in the right timing and situations which bring you to the right person. Maybe there is no such thing as wrong time, only the wrong person.

Often times, we get so hopeless when we meet someone who we think is perfect, and it doesn’t seem to be the right time. But in truth, having that mind set limits you to only see one person, and ignore other possibilities. It’s also emotionally crippling, making you unable to move on. I imagine that mind set as a wall that blocks you from happiness.

So what can we do?

Trust. Trust that whatever is happening now, is happening for a reason. Trust that with hope and perseverance, the right time will come. But do not dwell in the past, the only way that time will be in your favour is if you look to the future. Time always moves, and nothing stays constant forever. Maybe you are meant to be in the future, but it is not now and it shouldn’t matter now. Whatever it is, the only way to get to the future is to move.

As someone who has been there, and who is now in a ‘right time, right person’ situation. I can say that a reward definitely waits on the other end 🙂

So keep your chin up, and keep moving.

The Writer


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