Dear Reader,

I am not usually one to make resolutions for the New Year, probably because I don’t see why should someone wait until the start of the year to make them. But it is timely that this year, I have a resolution. It is: I am going detach a little from technology.

It all hit me when I was watching this video on Facebook. There was this clever looking dude who was on a live television discussing the psychology of Millennials. He mentioned some scary facts, but a few things jumped out at me. Like how Millennials are impatient, and how we want instant gratification. But most of all: How we are emotionally unavailable to develop meaningful relationship because of technology.

At first I thought “Oh this isn’t me. I barely post anything on Facebook.” But then I realised “Damn. It IS me.” Memories started flashing back to me lazing around in my phone at home, surfing the internet and replying text or work emails. I also thought about how my mom will talk to me about her day, and all she will get from me is a grunt, because the truth is, I am not even listening.

Then it just hit me: I am loosing out on a meaningful relationship with my mom, because I am busy snooping on people who I honestly don’t even care about.

Social media operates on ego validation, and we have been conditioned to place our worth on how much ‘likes’ we get, or how popular we are virtually. It’s really sad to see how we’re so concerned about impressing and connecting with others, that we lose focus on the ones that are physically right beside us. I know I certainly have.

I do agree that technology has brought about a lot of benefits like staying updated on news and keeping up with old friends. But we may have overused it, and that’s when we can lose ourselves. I can’t help but fear that when we get so caught up with our virtual world, we lose our sight on the REAL world. We lose communication with those around us. We lose focus on the things around us, and we’re not PRESENT. And when we are not present, we are not LIVING.

It may sound crazy to be writing about disconnecting in a virtual blog, but I do want to share this to you who is reading, in hopes that if you’re like me, you’d take time to disconnect once in a while. Be present to those around you, especially those who have always been there.

I am still finding it hard to disconnect sometimes. I’ll find my hand reaching for my phone once in a while, but all it takes is that awareness, and discipline. Hopefully with disconnecting, I’ll be more connected.

Yours Truly,
The Writer.


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